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“An awesome Math teacher is hard to find, difficult to part with, and impossible to forget.”

The Point System

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Class A:
- 15 point --> 100
- 12 point --> 95
- 8 point --> 90
Class B:
- 8 point --> 100
- 7 point --> 95
- 7 point --> 95

Searching For Point

  1. The fastest one got it
    He will prompt a question or ask someone to the front of the class to solve an equation. Then when certain “keywords” come up like “go” or “next” — we raise our hands. The person who he thinks raised their hand first gets the chance.
  2. Deck of cards
    Each of the numbered cards is representing the student’s absence number. By picking a card, there’s a random chance for a student to get an opportunity to get a point. I still remember the sequence:
    - ♥️: 1–10
    - ♦️: 11–20
    - ♠️: 21–30
    - ♣️: 31–40
  3. Quizzes
    The most interesting one. The rules are [1] correct answers → +2 point, [2] wrong answers → -1 point, [3] no answers → 0 point. On certain occasions, there is even a “special” question where we can wager our point.







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Ferdinand Chandra

Ferdinand Chandra

Opinionated Frontend Developer 🇮🇩

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